Research Associate


Donovan-Grimes, Inc. is a nationally recognized recruiting firm. Our aim is to provide valuable and timely market intelligence to help our clients attract, hire and retain top industry talent. We have over a decade of executive search experience and an unparalleled network of Information Technology talent. Our service offerings include executive search and contract recruitment support.

The principle responsibility of the Research Associate is to gather, analyze and organize information on the Information Technology marketplace by way of targeted and proactive Internet research. The information gathered is then used by Recruiters and/or Human Resources professionals to guide and inform recruitment efforts.


  • Candidate must be able to provide documented examples of several successful research projects. 
  • Excellent critical thinking skills and the ability to mine meaningful and applicable information through resources available on the Internet. 
  • Efficient and effective Internet navigation skills. 
  • The ability to focus for long periods of time on detailed search parameters to ensure results. 
  • Bachelor’s degree is required.

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